Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are allowed to sell pot infused food products -Edibles” under the law.

Those Patients who can prove a financial need are entitled to apply for a Hardship Exemption, allowing them to Plant and Grow Marijuana Plants in their own home.

CCMM will provide Cape Cod medical marijuana patients updated news and information about growing and edibles.


Growing cannabis is not very difficult, cannabis is called ‘weed’ for good reason. Cannabis can be grown indoors using artificial lighting sources, in a greenhouse, and it can be grown outside, depending on weather conditions and other factors. There are several businesses on Cape Cod that provide quality pot growing equipment and advice. Massachusetts requires proof of financial hardship in order to grow your own marijuana.

Cannabis can be grown in soil or artificial grow mediums such as hydroponic systems. It can be grown from seed from cuttings. Cannabis is a highly adaptable plant. If you you have the proper grow conditions and seeds of a potent strain then you are pretty much assured of and perpetual supply of quality marijuana for your medical needs. Growing your own cannabis can be a reliable alternative than buying from a dispensary.

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Sick of bunk info and terrible yields? This will help with the following guides teaching you how to grow weed in a pot.