Caregivers can be an employee of a medical facility (except that of the patient’s certifying physician), personal attendant, or home health aide providing care to a qualifying patient, including patients under 18 years of age. Any patients that have a medical marijuana card can have their own caregiver as an option.

Becoming a Caregiver.

Step 1. the patient needs to be certified for the medicinal use of marijuana.
Step 2. the patient needs to designate the caregiver as a personal caregiver by sending a letter/application to the Department of Public Health.
Step 3. the patient and caregiver should each have their own copies of the doctor’s certification, the letter/application and the return receipt in one package.
Step 4. if the personal caregiver will be cultivating medical cannabis for the patient, the caregiver should also affix a set of these documents to the wall of the locked area where the cannabis will be grown.


A medical marijuana caregiver provides basic assistance to a licensed Mass Medical Marijuana patient. This can involve helping the patient obtain as well as administer their medicine, and can involve many other duties the patient may require due to their medical condition. Under Massachusetts law, caregivers are authorized to purchase marijuana for medical use for the patient from a state licensed dispensary.

How does a Medical Marijuana Patient Choose a Caregiver?
Choosing the best Caregiver for the Patient’s unique needs is extremely important. You will want someone who you know you can rely upon and trust, and takes an interest in your medical condition. Once you have identified a suitable Caregiver, you may appoint them on your application form when you register with the MA Department of Public Health.

Cape Cod Caregivers Under the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Law:
Under the Massachusetts rules, a Caregiver is a person registered by the Department of Public Health (DPH) who is at least twenty-one (21) years old, has agreed to assist with a registered qualifying patient’s medical use of marijuana, and is not the registered qualifying patient’s certifying physician.

Home Patients Caregiver Grow Weed

Requirements for Mass Caregivers:
*Must be at least 21 years old.
*Register with Department of Public Health.
*Cannot be patient’s certifying physician.

The person you choose will have to complete a caregiver application and receive their caregiver identification card. How will my caregiver register with the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana program?  Caregivers can register through the Mass Medical Marijuana Online system. Here is a direct link for our Guest to Instruction and the Personal Caregiver Application Form.